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Would you play with an Action Clock?

The Action Clock made his official debut last year on the Tournament of Champions.

Gerardo Arroyo
Posted 2017-04-19 11:45 GMT+3 By Gerardo Arroyo

Poker has to be renewed. This sport keeps on growing up and has cycles where changes happen. Some of them are evaluated, and some of them are here to stay. Like the Action Clock.

The first tests were made at the PokerStars Championship at the Bahamas, then it was Panama. However the idea came from the World Poker Tour.

The WPT announced on March that they would use the Action Clock on their tournaments. And it was on the Tournament of Champions last April where it made its official debut. Then CodigoPoker witnessed how it works a few weeks ago.

The Action Clock forces players to make decisions in 30 seconds. All of them have four extensions per day and four more in the final table.

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