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Charlie Carrel is the King of the Spring

Charlie Carrel won the Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event from a Starbucks in Mexico.

Charlie Carrel is the King of the Spring
Gerardo Arroyo
Posteado 2017-05-24 16:03 GMT+3 Por Gerardo Arroyo

It came and now it is gone. The Spring Championship of Online Poker, better known as the SCOOP, is now over. The most important story however is how Charlie Epiphany77 Carrel , who has already won an event when by mistake he played a PLO event, won the Main Event for over 1.2 million dollars.

Harrison gilber321 Gimbel , who you might remember as the 2012 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure champion, finished as runner-up. Among the players that returned for the final day were Ola Odd_Oddsen Amundsgard  and Connor blanconegro Drinan .

1°: Charlie Epiphany77 Carrel $1.200.899*
2°: Harrison gibler321 Gimbel $1.122.873*
3°: th’Kick $690.348
4°: Garrin4e $492.542
5°: Ola Odd_Oddsen Amundsgard $351.414
6°: Connor blanconegro Drinan $250.723
7°: C. Darwin2 $178.883
8°: Samuel €urop€an Vousden $127.628
9°: Emil maroonlime Patel $91.058


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