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How to play against someone that does not know the rules?

Doug Polk Ryan Fee and Fernando Habegger analyse a PLO hand played at the King's Casino.

Gerardo Arroyo
Posteado 2017-04-19 12:08 GMT+3 Por Gerardo Arroyo

La dupla ganadora de brazalete sumó a un especialista en PLO.

It has happened to all of us. If we notice a player that doesn’t know how to read his hand we suddenly become happy. We think it will be easy money altough those kind of players can complicate our life. Sometimes it could help us.

Joined by Ryan Fee and Fernando Habegger , Upswing Poker PLO professor, Doug Polk analyses a PLO cash game hand played in Europe.

Tony G , Ronny Kaiser , Leon Tsoukernik and an amateur player called “Krokodile”. The “fish” makes a raise and everyone calls. However the funny thing happened on the turn.

“Krokodile” gets his straight but he never realizes. The young players bluffs and when he gets two pair bets a quarter of the pot. The amateur checks his cards and thought his aces were no good. But he had third nuts!

The professionals analyse the hand and can’t belive it. They can’t believe they miss that kind of rival.

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