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PokerShares: Buy action from any player

Mike McDonald has launched PokerShares, the official site of the well known Bank of Timex.

PokerShares: Buy action from any player
Gerardo Arroyo
Posteado 2017-01-05 15:52 GMT+3 Por Gerardo Arroyo

Have you ever dreamed about buying action from Phil Ivey ? From Ivan Luca on a WCOOP? From Fabrizio Gonzalez ? Welcome to PokerShares, the Bank of Timex official site.

The Bank of Timex was born a few years ago when Mike McDonald decided that some players were abusing with the mark up. So if one player decided to put a 1.2 mark up for a 10% of their tournament, the Canadian player would buy the action for the correct price.

When this first happened it caused many discussions because there were so many players asking for more money than they should. When Mike offered this service those players felt at risk. Now, Mike has taken a step further and has created PokerShares, a site where you can buy action from anyone at a fair price.

The site is still on Beta but you can create your account and buy action from the best in this new site.

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