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PokerStars bans Fabrizio González again

After a claim made by Steve O'Dywer, PokerStars decided to suspend SixthSenSe19, one of the best online players arroud the world.

PokerStars bans Fabrizio González again
Posteado 2017-05-08 18:24 GMT+3 Por CodigoPoker

By: Gustavo Pando . Translation: Gerardo Arroyo .

Fabrizio González –uy- one of the best online players has been banned from PokerStars again. Forever. The Uruguayan has been accused of softplaying like four years ago when he was also accused of multiaccounting. The last cash registered by Fabrizio was on February 14, the night he was suspended after Steve O’Dwyer tweeted about the situation and after a mail sent to PokerStars.

O'Dwyer solo resistió hasta el min-cash

Steve O’Dwyer

That night O’Dwyer was fighting for a seat into de PokerStar Championship Panama Main Event against Fabrizio, Joaquin joacowalter Walter and SvZff . Then O’Dwyer tweeted about collusion and tagged PokerStars. Then he tweeted an old news that suggested that Fabrizio softplays.

Fabrizio and O’Dwyer started tweeting to each other until Steve decided to stop but the damage was done. Both Uruguayan players had his accounts suspended. Other players, specially from Uruguay and Argentina, also had his accounts suspended but later got them back.

This happened on February. Fights, appeals and a deathly silence until now. Fabrizio decided to spoke with CodigoPoker while we awaits for a resolution and hopes for good news.


Joaquín Walter

I did not cheat. O’Dwyer, knowing about my suspension a few years ago, decided to denounce and PokerStars listened to him,” explains SixthSense19 who has over 3.8 million dollars in cashes on the red spade site. He now plays on partypoker and 888poker under the nick DrMiKee .

“I sent many mails to PokerStars when this happened on February but they didn’t say much,” claims Fabrizio who unlike the last time, when he asked for forgiveness for his behavior, knows he is innocent. That is why he is asking for a meeting with the site representatives

Since his account was suspended, Fabrizio only traveled to the Championship in Panama but he missed the European festival held in Montecarlo. “How they can think that I will cheat on a satellite which prize is $5,300 dollars after paying over $100,000 dollars to have my account back? I was already qualified. They have to think that I am a mean person or stupid to do that,” said one of the best players online.

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