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How to turn your hand into a bluff and win the pot

Daniel Negreanu analyses a hand he won on the Super High Roller Bowl.

Gerardo Arroyo
Posted 2017-03-31 09:27 GMT+3 By Gerardo Arroyo

Religions have their own rituals where boys turn into men and the same happens in poker. You know you are no longer a rookie, a fish and turn into a very dangerous player when you acquire the capability to turn your hand into a bluff.

It is not an easy task. It takes a lot, a lot of hands to bluff with a hand that you might think is good until you analyse the range of your rival and realize that you are loosing.

If you are not in that point of your life, don’t worry. You will get there eventually. Maybe you only need a little help and Daniel Negreanu is here to help you.

Playing the Super High Roller Bowl, Daniel understands the situation perfectly. He knows his rival can’t have a straight but Daniel can. His range is full of AK’s, K9’s and 98’s.

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