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Ivey, Antonius and Galfond fight for the same pot

Three of the best PLO players around fight for the same pot on a hand analysed by Doug Polk.

Gerardo Arroyo
Posted 2017-04-18 20:23 GMT+3 By Gerardo Arroyo

We all knows Doug Polk in no expert in PLO. He admits it. But he is one of the best poker players so we can’t dismiss his word. Phil Ivey , Phil Galfond and Patrik Antonius fight for the same pot in this video. The three of them play the biggest PLO matches around the world and today they will try to win the hand.

As you might see, ranges open widely and players don’t raise preflop as much as online. The limp is something usual even with six players.

The flop gives Patrick the nuts and he bets twice. But then we learn that having “the nuts” in Omaha is something that can change quickly. The best hand on the flop could lose his strenght on the turn or at the river.

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