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When you pay hoping your rival has nothing

Daniel Negreanu calls Patrik Antonius bluff and Doug Polk analyses it.

Gerardo Arroyo
Posted 2017-03-29 18:28 GMT+3 By Gerardo Arroyo

antonius1What an akward situation. There you are, with your strong hand, but you don’t beat anything or almost anything and the villain makes a value bet. But altough it might seem a bad idea, you can’t go back. Does it sound familiar? Don’t worry. It happens even to professionals.

Daniel Negreanu was in a spot where he paid Patrik Antonius all-in hoping the Finnish player was bluffing. Patrik had the worst hand and the Canadian player won but it wasn’t a good call and Doug Polk knows it.

WCGRider analyses the whole picture, incluiding a very questionable preflop call. He explains his thoughts in case you face a similar spot.


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